Personal Appointments


In addition to patient appointments, Halaxy allows you to add personal appointments to your calendar. Personal appointments differ from patient appointments in that they do not have a patient or fee assigned to them.

You can use personal appointments to denote your own appointments and block out times in your calendar during which patients cannot make an appointment.

To make a personal appointment in your calendar, click the time of the appointment on your calendar as usual, then click the Personal tab on the top of the appointment booking form.


You can enter key information about the appointment, such as:

  • Title/purpose (e.g. lunch);
  • Location (University Cafe, Smithville);
  • Duration; and
  • Other comments, such as practical notes to yourself (e.g. "remember to bring an umbrella").

You can set recurring and repeating personal appointments which function in the same way as recurring and repeating patient appointments. You can also select a colour for the appointment and a separate colour for the text on the appointment. By default, personal appointments appear in dark grey in your calendar.

Click Save to add the personal appointment to your calendar.

You can change the details of the appointment by clicking the edit (pencil) icon, and you can delete the appointment by clicking the delete (cross) icon.

When you make another personal appointment with the same title, Halaxy automatically prepopulates the appointment colour and duration for you.

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