How much are Halaxy credits?


One Halaxy credit is $0.22AUD. Practices that process a high volume of Medicare and DVA transactions can top up or buy Halaxy credits in bulk to save.

Top up Min. Max. Credit
Bronze $0 $99.99 $0.22
Silver $100 $199.99 $0.20
Gold $200 $399.99 $0.18
Platinum $400 $10,000.00 $0.15

These prices are inclusive of GST.

The number of credits required for different functions varies. For example, to process Medicare or bulk bill transactions or DVA rebates is 1 credit; to send a reminder is 1 credit; and to send patient information via secure messaging is 3 credits. 

To purchase Halaxy credits:   

  1. Under Settings, click Payments.
  2. In the Halaxy Credit Settings section, click Add New. The Edit Halaxy Credits Settings pop-up appears.
  3. Select a Group or Individual level. For individuals, select the practitioner.
  4. Select if you want to enable Auto Top-up.
  5. Enter your credit card details and click Submit.

RESULT: You have now set up your practice group or individual settings for purchasing credits. If you enabled auto top-up, credits will automatically purchased at your specified top-up amount whenever you fall below 10 credits.

To manually buy credits, click the Buy Credits link in the Halaxy Credits Settings section. Enter a monetary value in the Amount field. Halaxy will calculate the number of credits and any applicable discount, including tax.

Automatic top-up of Halaxy credits

You can set Halaxy credits to automatically top up when there are 10 credits left, thus ensuring that you always have enough credits for messages to be sent without you needing to check how many credits you have left.

Auto top-up is initially disabled. Click the Edit icon and select Enabled. Enter the value of Halaxy credits that you would like to automatically top-up with and click Submit to confirm purchase.

Transferring Halaxy credits

In addition to purchasing credits, you can also transfer credits between practitioners within your group. Click the Transfer Credits (two arrows) icon, choose who the credits are coming from, who they are going to and the amount of the credits to be transferred. Then click Save.

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