How do I automatically email my paid invoices?

To get paid invoices emailed automatically to the relevant patient or organisation:
  1. Click Settings > Payments.
  2. In the Email Automation section, click the Edit (pencil) icon for the level (group, clinic or individual) you want to set automatic invoices for (you can also click Add New to add automatic invoice email settings at the clinic or individual level instead of the default group level).
  3. Under "Process Manually", Select Automatic. 
  4. Set any other options you desire and click Save.

RESULT: Invoices that are paid in full will be automatically emailed to the payer. The emails are usually sent within five minutes. 

You can check whether an invoice has been sent by clicking the Email (letter) icon in the top-right of an invoice. This will open a pop-up that lets you manually email the invoice and includes a send history at the bottom:

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