Tyro claiming and EFTPOS in Halaxy


Halaxy integrates with Tyro EFTPOS terminals for health fund claiming and EFTPOS payments. Tyro uses up-to-date technology to process health fund claims and payments and is known for its reliability and service. There are no contracts, set-up fees, administration fees or exit fees, and Tyro covers 98% of the private health-insured population. Tyro also works with any bank, so you do not need to change your bank to use Tyro. Connecting your Halaxy profile with your Tyro terminal eliminates rekeying errors, streamlines claiming and makes reconciliation fast and easy.

How to start using Tyro

You can start using Tyro in your practice by contacting Tyro via email or phone on 1300 729 468; Tyro can confirm their latest fees for their service. You complete two forms which are available from Tyro:

  1. Tyro EFTPOS Banking Application, to process EFTPOS payments through Tyro; and
  2. Provider Registration form, which enables you to claim health fund rebates.

Tyro normally ships your Tyro terminal within 10 days of processing your application.

How to connect Tyro and your Halaxy profile

You can connect your Tyro EFTPOS terminal to your Halaxy profile after you have received your terminal from Tyro.

On the Settings page under your Profile tab in Halaxy, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the + Add Terminal button next to Tyro under Integrations
  2. Select your Tyro setting level depending on your practice's needs - there are three levels:
    • Group level: when all practitioners in the group use the same terminal and all payments are processed to the one account;
    • Clinic level: when multiple practice locations use the one terminal and payments are processed to different accounts depending on the practice location; and
    • Individual level: when you work in multiple clinics and may need to switch between a group terminal and your own terminal, both of which are linked to your own accounts.
  3. Select the "Configuration Setting" on your Tyro terminal under Menu;
  4. Next, select "Integrated EFTPOS";
  5. Then select "Pair with POS";
  6. Enter the Merchant ID and Terminal ID (these are both numbers) on your Halaxy profile;
  7. Click the Pair button on your Halaxy profile. A message then appears on the Halaxy screen: Please perform the "Authorise POS" function on your terminal;
  8. Click the Start button on your Tyro terminal; and
  9. Click Save after Halaxy advises that your Tyro terminal and your Halaxy profile are now paired.

Note: If you receive the following messages: "An error has occurred, please try again" or "Error: Transaction already in progress"; this means that pairing was attempted twice before a response was received from the terminal. You should close all windows (or log out of Halaxy) and start the process again.

Processing health fund claims and gap payments through Tyro

You can complete the following steps to process health fund claims through your Tyro terminal:

  1. Click the Tyro claim button on the invoice in the Payments section;
  2. Select your provider number in the Provider Number drop-down menu, and add any relevant service reference in the Patient ID menu;
  3. Click the Estimate button and swipe the patient's health fund card in your Tyro terminal and wait for the response and the gap payment amount that appears on your Tyro terminal;
  4. Accept the claim on your Halaxy, which updates your Halaxy invoice with the Tyro claim amount; and
  5. Process the gap payment through Tyro or through Halaxy electronic payments processing - alternatively you can take cash for the gap payment and mark the invoice as paid.

Refunding gap payments through Tyro

Health fund claims cannot be refunded but you can refund gap payments through Halaxy by clicking the Refund button and entering the refund amount on your Tyro terminal and clicking the Yes button on your Halaxy. The refund is processed to the patient's account that was originally used to process the gap payment (the account cannot be altered).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Tyro terminal to my Halaxy profile? How do I process health fund claims in Tyro through Halaxy?

You can set payments processing preferences to Individual on your Payments page so that different people in your practice can have different payments processing preferences and deposit accounts.

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