Appointment Reminders


Halaxy can automatically send SMS and email reminders to your patients according to your preferences and the individual preferences of your patients. You can also customise the wording of your reminders.

Setting up reminders helps ensure that your patients keep track of appointments and that they attend their appointments at the correct time.

Reminders and notifications can be automatically sent when:

  • appointments are first made;
  • appointments are changed or cancelled;
  • a certain time before the appointment (e.g. 2 days before the appointment); and
  • an appointment time becomes available for patients on your waiting list.

You can set up both email and SMS reminders. Two-way SMS reminders allow patients to respond and confirm their attendance.

SMS reminders cost 1 Halaxy credit each. There is no charge for responses to two-way SMS reminders. Make sure to enable automatic top-up of credits so you never have to worry about your reminders not being sent out.

Group and individual reminder settings

In group practices, preferences for reminders and for Halaxy credits are set by default at a group level, so all preferences are the same for every practitioner in the group and all reminder credits are taken from the one credit card.

If practitioners in your practice group would prefer to have individual reminder settings, you can add individual practitioners to the Reminders page and customise their individual preferences. To do this:

  1. Click Add New at the bottom of the page. The Add New Reminder Setting pop-up will appear.
  2. Select a practitioner and click Submit. The practitioner will appear on the Reminders page.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the practitioner's name and customise their settings.


Any practitioner who is not added to the Reminders page will use the default group settings.

By default, practitioners you add on the Reminders page will use Halaxy credits from the group credit card. If you want practitioners to use their own credit card for SMS reminders, they must add their credit card details to the Halaxy Credit Settings section on their Payments page. These practitioners will have individual Halaxy credit balances that need to be maintained for SMS reminders to be sent out. They can have individual auto top-up settings. 

Practitioners with Owner level access are able to see each practitioner's preferences. 

Manually sending a one-off text message to a patient

You can send a one-off text message to a patient from the General page of their profile by clicking their mobile phone number. You will be able to customise the message, including from a template, and set the message to be one-way or two-way.

As usual, sending an SMS costs 1 Halaxy credit if the character count is under 160 characters. You will be shown the character count and credit cost when writing the message. 

Custom names and numbers for SMS reminders

For one-way SMS reminders, you can set reminders to come from your practice name. You also have the option of owning a dedicated mobile number that both two-way and one-way SMS reminders come from so that your patients always know that your reminders are coming from your practice.

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