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You can access Halaxy anywhere, anytime using your username and password, which you set when you first sign up and which you can change anytime on the Users page. The Users page is where you can add new users to your group practice and set varying levels of access to calendars, invoices, patient profiles and financial reports within your practice for practitioners and administrative staff.

Logging in and logging out

You can login to Halaxy by clicking the Login/Sign up button on either the Halaxy homepage, practitioner page, or patient page. Enter your email address as your username and your password to log in to your account.

You can log out of Halaxy at anytime by clicking the access button (which says your name on it) at the top right of the screen, then click Logout. If you are an administrative staff member, the access button says the name of the practitioner whose information you are viewing.

Switching between practice accounts if you are a member of multiple practices in Halaxy

You can use Halaxy in multiple practices using the one email address. If you do use Halaxy in multiple practices, your different practices are shown on your Users page, and you can switch between the different practices by clicking the practice toggle and selecting the practice.

Managing passwords

You can set your password in two ways: when you first sign up and on the the Users page of Settings, which is also where you can change your password.

Adding and managing new users, access levels and group practices

Halaxy is designed for sole practices, small practices and large multi-disciplinary clinics alike. The Users page is where practice owners can add users (practitioners and administrative staff), and set and update their access levels. To add a new user, click the New User button at the top right of the page and complete the information required. You can also edit, change and update any information about a particular user by clicking the Edit icon next to their details.

Changing access levels and removing users

You can change access levels by going to the Users page of Your Profile, then clicking the Edit button and making the changes required. You can change a user's access levels and also limit access to specific modules.

For security purposes, practitioners with full access can only be deactivated by Halaxy administrators. If you want to remove a practitioner from your group account, email Halaxy at community@halaxy.com. Deactivated practitioners are not shown on your calendar or on invoices; they are shown on your Users page in grey.

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