Making Patient Appointments


In Halaxy, you can run your entire practice just by making appointments in your calendar. Our training video is a great way to learn the basic workflow of making appointments in Halaxy:

To make an appointment, just click a time on the calendar, and then add a patient and fee. Invoices and clinical notes are automatically generated and linked to every appointment, so every aspect of an appointment can be reached with a click of a button from your calendar.

To further streamline administration, you can easily add patients to your Patient List and fees to your Fees List all while also adding appointments to your calendar.

You can make appointments at any time of the day or night on any day of the week, including group appointments (just add additional patients) and multiple appointments at the one time. You can also activate reminders to help patients keep track of their appointments, and for two-way reminders view patient confirmations directly on your calendar.

There are three ways to make appointments with patient appointments:

  1. On the calendar by clicking on the time of the appointment and completing the information outlined below;
  2. On any page in the patient's profile by clicking the Add Appointment button; and
  3. On your Appointments List by clicking the New Appointment button.

You can also view information about appointments after you have made them by clicking the appointment in your calendar, which is also where you can change details of the appointment by clicking the edit (pencil) icon, and where you can delete the appointment by clicking the delete (cross) icon.

Selecting patient/s

To make a new appointment with a patient, click the time of the appointment on your calendar. On the Appointment Booking form that appears, start typing a few letters of the patient's name in the Name field. All current and archived - but not deleted - patients and claimants already listed in your Patients List that have those letters in their name appear (with their status and date of birth): select their name to make the appointment with them. Their preferred name is shown on their appointment (if their preferred name differs from their formal given name, their preferred name is shown on their appointment and their formal name is shown on their invoice).

If you have entered any patient alerts for the patient, an alert icon appears on the right of the patient's name on the form; hover over the alert icon to read the alert.

If the patient is not listed in your Patients List, select that you want to add them to your Patients List and complete the Add New Patient form that appears: the patient is added to your Patients List and the appointment made with them.

Group appointments

Click the Add Another Patient button to add more patients to the appointment, for example in the case of a group appointment.

Click the cross button next to the patient's name to remove them from the group appointment.

Selecting fee/s

To select a fee for the appointment, start typing a few letters of the fee or funding body in the Fees field. Fees already listed in your Fee List appear, in the following order:

  1. Preferred fees: fees listed in your Fee List that have already been used in the patient's previous appointments with the latest fee listed first - the top five used for this patient are shown;
  2. Other fees in your Fee List: other fees listed in your Fee List that have not already been used in the patient's previous appointments;
  3. Importable fees: fees that appear in the Halaxy fee database but not your Fee List (see below); and
  4. Add new fee: click to add another fee to your Fee List that does not appear in Halaxy's fee database (see below).

If the fee is not in your Fee List, but is already listed in the Halaxy fee database, it is shown in grey and you can 'import' the fee to your own Fee List: to do so, select it from the list that appears and complete the Add Fee form that appears to add the fee to your Fee List.

If the fee is not in your Fee List and not listed in the Halaxy fee database, select that you want to add the fee to your Fee List, and complete the fee details to add the fee to your Fee List.

If the type of appointment and fee changes before or during the appointment or before the invoice is paid, you can change the fees on the Appointment Details form at any time.

Additional fees

You can add other fees to the appointment (e.g. where you want to charge for equipment or other services in addition to the appointment fee) by clicking the Add Another Fee link in the Patients and Fees section and selecting the additional fee.

Appointment colours based on fee selected

Patient appointments are shaded blue by default, but you can set different colours for different types of appointments when you add your fees. For example, if you have chosen to shade fee X yellow, all appointments for that fee are shaded yellow on the calendar.

Third party fees and invoices

You can also select fees for invoices to be paid by a third party (e.g. by a school for a pupil's treatment). 

Package invoice and bookings

If a patient has a package invoice and you select a fee covered by the package invoice, the appointment and fee are automatically allocated to the package invoice and the fee is shown listed on the package invoice.

Appointment duration

The appointment duration is set by the fee type that you select in the Fees field. To change the appointment duration, change the appointment fee in the Fees field to a fee with the appropriate duration.

Appointment location

The default appointment location is set by your practice locations and hours, which you set as a part of your profile on the Locations and Practice Hours page, and which is included in your appointment reminders.

You can change the appointment location between your practices listed on your Locations and Practice Hours page using the Locations drop-down menu. The reminder is sent to the practice location that you have just selected from the Locations drop-down menu.

You can also change the appointment location within your practice location to specify rooms and equipment, using the Location drop down menu. Equipment can be selected after you have chosen the room.

Home visits and appointments at other locations

For home visits, you can change the appointment location to be at the patient's home easily on the Locations drop down menu. When you selected the patient's name in the Name field, the patient's address listed on their Patient Profile is automatically listed as a location option. For home visits, select the patient's address as the location.

For appointments at organisations, select the organisation's location in the Locations drop down menu and start typing the name of the organisation in the Organisation field. If the organisation is listed in your Organisations List, the address appears and you can click Save to set it as the location. If the organisation is not listed, add the organisation's address and the Organisation is saved to your Organisation List and set as the appointment location. The appointment address and location is shown on your calendar.

You can set an appointment for another address by clicking Other Address from the Locations drop down menu and entering the address in the form that appears. This is best used for one-off appointment locations at which you do not expect other appointments to be held.

Invoices for appointments not at a practice location listed in your practice locations and hours (i.e. invoices for home visits, appointments at an organisation or appointments at other addresses) display the appointment location on the invoice below your practice location and provider number.

Reminders are sent with the appointment location you have selected from the Locations drop down menu.

Recurring and repeating appointments

You can create recurring appointments, which are appointments that repeat at a particular interval or schedule, such as daily, weekly (or weekdays only), monthly or yearly, that may end after a particular date or number of appointments. Recurring appointments can be made for patient and personal appointments. Creating recurring appointments automatically creates the correct invoice for the appointment based on the fee, enables electronic payments processing if needed, and triggers your reminders.

To make a recurring appointment, click Repeat Appointment in the Appointment Details section, then complete the details about when you want the appointment to recur in the section that appears below. You can set appointments to repeat every X number of:

Parameter   Examples
Days If you set appointments to repeat every 1 day, appointments repeat daily at the same time. If you set appointments to repeat every 3 days, an appointment is created for the current day (e.g. Monday) and then 3 days afterwards (e.g. Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday).
Weeks If you set appointments to repeat every 1 week, appointments repeat weekly at the same time. If you set appointments to repeat every 2 weeks, appointments repeat fortnightly. You can choose the day of the week that appointments occur; for example, if you select 1 week and Wednesday and Friday until the 31 December, appointments occur on every Wednesday and Friday until the end of the year.
Weekdays  Follow the same as appointments set by weeks, but only occur on weekdays (i.e. not Saturday or Sunday).
Months If you set appointments to repeat every 1 week, appointments repeat monthly at the same time. If you set appointments to repeat every 3 months.
Yearly Appointments repeat on the same date in the year.

The appointments stop repeating on either the specific end date that you set or after the specific number of appointment times.

Deleting or editing the entire series or an appointment within the series of recurring appointments

You can change or delete the entire series of recurring appointments, and you can also change or delete only one of the appointments in the series without making any changes to the other appointments in the entire series. Changing or deleting appointment/s also automatically makes the required changes to invoices, scheduled electronic payments and reminders.

To make a change to one or the entire series of recurring appointments, click the appointment on your calendar, and then click the Edit icon. You can make changes to the fee, duration, location or time (you can also add a patient to the appointment, but you cannot remove the original patient). Click the Save button and choose which of the following three options is applicable:

  1. Just this appointment, without affecting any other appointment in the series of recurring appointments;
  2. This appointment and any future appointments in the series, without making any changes to appointments in the series that have already occurred; or
  3. All appointments, which makes the change to all appointments in the series of recurring appointments including this appointment, past appointments and future appointments. This is only available if you are making changes to the location, time of day or comments on appointments; it is not available for changes to the repeating frequency of the recurring appointments series.

Changing the time for one appointment in the series by dragging and dropping the appointment only makes the change for this particular appointment and not the entire series of appointments.

To delete one or the entire series of recurring appointments, click the Delete icon. Confirm whether you want to cancel the appointment, cancel the appointment and delete the invoice, delete the appointment or mark the appointment as not attended (see Deleting appointments for more information), and then select whether you want to make the change to this appointment, all appointments or this and future appointments (see above).

Adding comments and other details

You can add comments - such as information about lost property or other practical information - to the appointment booking form. Leave comments in the Other Details section, and click the Save button to make the comments accessible on the calendar. Note these comments are not included on reminders sent to patients and are separate to your clinical records.

Making multiple appointments for the one time

You can make multiple appointments at the one time. If you are wanting to add a second, separate appointment to your calendar at the same time as another appointment, click the time of the appointment and complete the appointment information. Both appointments appear on your calendar, with the second appointment next to or overlapping the first appointment. You can add up to 8 appointments at the one time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a fee for an appointment if I didn't add the fee when I made the appointment?

Open the saved appointment on the calendar, and click the Add Fee button.

How do I create a group appointment in Halaxy?

In the appointment details form, click the Add Another Patient button and add additional patients' details; the appointment is now a group appointment, with the attendee patients listed on the calendar.

How do I cancel or delete an appointment, and what is the difference between them?

Cancelling an appointment keeps a record of the appointment and invoice, and removes any scheduled reminders; deleting an appointment removes the appointment from the calendar, deletes the invoice and removes any scheduled reminders. To cancel or delete an appointment, click the appointment on the calendar and then click the Cancel icon and select your preferred option.


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