The Halaxy calendar is designed so that you can run your entire practice from the calendar screen. From the calendar, you can:

  • add appointments by clicking any time on the calendar
  • create personal appointments so that patients cannot book you during those times
  • click-and-drag appointments to move them
  • add patients, fees and referrals by using the Appointment Details section when you add an appointment
  • modify, delete or cancel appointments
  • set up tasks for your to-do list

To view your calendar, click Schedule on the sidebar, then click Calendar. You can also click the Halaxy logo at the top of the sidebar to go to your calendar from any screen.

You can view your calendar in day view, week view or month view. Click the Today button to jump to today's calendar.

Use the calendar scroll bar to scroll your view up and down, and zoom in and out to change your time block settings (the minimum time block is 5 minutes; the maximum is 90 minutes). Your opening hours are shown in blue. Use the left and right arrows to move through your calendar on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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