Billing and Claiming


Getting claiming right is important because it ensures that you can claim a subsidy/rebate/claim if available to you and your patients, and it links to invoicing, payments processing and clinical reports.

Adding Funders

You can add a funder in a number ways: from your calendar, when adding a New Fee (Adding Fees) to your Fee List, on an existing invoice or when adding a patient's claim.

Adding Funders from your calendar

When adding an appointment and adding a new fee, add the funder on the New Fee page.

Adding Funders directly into your Fees List

On the Fee List page, click New Fee (Adding Fees) and then the Funder tab. The Add Funder button takes you to the Add Funder page. Type the name of the funder, and if the funder is listed in the Halaxy preset list shown below the field, select it and all the other fields will be completed for you - select Save to add the funder to your own Funder List.

If the funder you typed is not listed in the preset funder list, select the type of funding body it is: Personal (where the patient pays everything without ever receiving a rebate or subsidy from a funding body); Membership-based (either public or private entities that patients must be a member of to claim rebates or subsidies - most government insurers or private insurers fall into this category); Accident (where the ability to claim is based on the patient having had a traffic or work accident); or Program. Add the identifications type that the funder uses to determine your eligibility to provide treatment to patients that are fully or partially covered by the funder - most funders usually require an identification number and sometimes a classification. You can also document specific notes to go on invoices to the funder, such as advice to direct claims into a specific account.

You can then add your specific identification by editing the Identification List - see Edit Identification. For example, if you created a funder that identifies practitioners through a provider number, you would enter "Provider Number" as the identification on the Add Funder page, and add your actual provider number (e.g. 1234567X) on the Identification List.

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