Paying for Invoices Online


You can access all your invoices in your patient portal account by clicking Records > Invoices. Your practitioner may have also sent you a secure link to a specific invoice that you can use to pay.

To pay an invoice, just click Pay Invoice from the invoice screen. You'll be able to pay by debit/credit card or PayPal (Australia only). If you've added your card details to your Payments page (Profile > Payments), you won't have to enter your card details every time.

Storing your card information in the patient portal is secure and allows you to pay without ever revealing your financial information to the practitioner, who cannot retrieve your card details. Please see our FAQ for how we ensure your card's security.

From an invoice, click Pay Invoice and select Pay with PayPal to be taken to a PayPal login page.

Image: Paying an invoice via PayPal in Halaxy (expand image)

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