Sharing a File with Your Practitioner or Family Members


You can securely upload files to your patient profile and then share them with any of your practitioners, as well as any family members who also use Halaxy. This can be useful if you need to provide a referral or medical results to a practitioner.

To upload and share a file in your Halaxy:

  1. Click My Health > Notes.

  2. Click Upload a File at the top-right of a page.

    The Upload a File button is highlighted
  3. The Add File pop-up appears. Click Upload File to select a file from your computer, or click and drag a file into the highlighted area.

    A pop-up titled Add File, with sections to add a title and comments
  4. (Optional) You can add a title and comments if desired, as well as select a category.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Now that the file has been saved to your profile, you can share it with practitioners by selecting the file in the left-hand column, then clicking Share.

    A patient's health notes. The Share link is highlighted for a note.
  7. The Share a File pop-up appears. Select whether you want to share the file with another user (such as friends or family) or with a practitioner, then select the individual user or practitioner you want to share the file with.

    A pop-up titled Share a File, with an option to select a practitioner to share it with.
  8. Click Save.

RESULT: The file will now be visible as part of your health record for the user or practitioner you selected. Depending on their settings, the practitioner may be notified that you have uploaded a file to your record.

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