Updating Your Patient Profile


By updating your own patient profile, you ensure that your health record is always up to date and that your data is recorded correctly.

No matter whether you're changing your phone number or your name, updating your patient profile automatically updates your records with ALL your practitioners, even if they're in different practices.

To update your profile, click Profile > Profile in the sidebar, then click Edit in the top-right of the page. Make the changes you want, then click Save.

A page to edit your patient details in Halaxy

Whenever you update your profile, you'll be asked if you want to notify your practitioners about your changes. This allows you to send them a message via Halaxy about what changes you've made. Note that even if you choose not to notify them, your patient profile will still be updated for their practice.

Changing your time zone

To change your time zone, click the Settings tab from your patient profile. Your time zone will affect the times that appear in your appointment reminder emails and SMSes, which can be important if you're attending telehealth appointments across time zones.

Make sure to click Save when you're done.

Adding and updating your card details

To add your card details to pay for invoices, click Profile > Payments in the sidebar. Alternatively, click Manage Card Details on the dashboard.

Adding your card details allows you to securely pay for invoices. You can even make payments completely automatic, so paying for your health care is as convenient as using a rideshare service or ordering food from your phone.

Your card details are encrypted, tokenised and stored securely by Braintree for Australia and Hyperwallet for the EU. Both are subsidiaries of PayPal, one of the world's largest payments providers. Neither your practitioner nor anyone at Halaxy can access your card details, meaning you can pay for invoices without sharing your details directly with your practitioner.

Because card details are tokenised, we can't retrieve your card details. That means that if you need to update your card details, you need to completely delete your old card from Halaxy and then add a new card.

Please see our card security FAQ if you have any questions.

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