Update your patient profile

By updating your own patient profile, you ensure that your health record is always up-to-date and that your data is recorded correctly. 

When you update your profile, Halaxy automatically updates your records with all your practitioners, even if they're in different practices.

A page to edit your patient details in Halaxy

Edit your patient profile

  1. On the sidebar, click Account > Profile.

  2. In the top right, click Edit.

  3. Make your changes.

  4. Click Save Profile.

  5. In the pop-up, select the practitioners you wish to notify about your profile changes by ticking the checkboxes next to their name. Leave blank to not notify any.

  6. Click Submit.


Even if you choose not to notify practitioners about your changes, your patient at their practice still updates with the new changes.

Change your time zone

Your time zone affects the times that appear in your appointment reminder emails and SMS messages. This is important to note if you are attending telehealth appointments across different time zones.

  1. Click Account > Settings.

  2. Select your Time Zone, Date Format and Time Format.

  3. Click Save.


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