Adding a clinic description and logo for the online directory


If you choose to list your clinic in Halaxy's online directory, you can add a description and a logo to your clinic by following the steps below:

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. For the location you wish to edit, find the Online Directory section.

  3. To add a description, click the Edit (pencil) icon in the top-right of the Online Directory section. Add a description and click Save.

  4. To add a logo, click the Logo icon. You will be asked to upload a file from your computer, then click Save. It is recommended that your logo dimensions are square (e.g. 300x300px, 500x500px).


RESULT: Your online directory listing will now include your description and logo. You can visit your online directory listing by clicking the link in the top-right of the Online Directory section.

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